We can help establish your company in the Nordic market. We know how it works, we know the customers and users, the legal framework.    We know both the formal and informal channels and most of all we want you to develop our sustainable future!

MobilityService is a network of competent individuals and companies who all have experience in the field of MaaS and transport solutions. More specific in the fields of customer studies, consumer insight, service design, open data, data-driven innovation, app and digital interfaces, andmobility platforms. Depending on your specific needs, we can use the network to achieve the best results.

These are our services:


We help you to understand the concepts, ask the right questions, analyze your role and identify different action that suit your organization and your priorities.


With insight about the user and the customer's needs and demands, we can help you in the process of designing services, business models and balancing solution with business requirements.


We don't just want to be good at developing a plan. We also want to help you with the next step, whether it is about implementing a pilot/ proof of concept or if the idea is ready for launch.


We offer lectures on the topic of future transport and MaaS. We also offer workshops or other exercises in service design and business modeling.


Mobility as a Service is about simplifying customers everyday lives. By using smart interfaces, collecting and packaging different transport solutions based on shared resources and make it easy for the customer not to own their own car. Depending on which target group you are addressing and in which context you work within, the digital interfaces, the design of the transport services and the business models look different. Various services can be more or less integrated when it comes to travel planning, booking, payment, tickets, as well as pricing and packaging in order to create a seamless experience.


Common to these services is that they are based on SHARE - either you share space in a car, bus, train or you share the vehicle itself - the car, the bike, the electric scooter, etc. These services can be provided by both public and private actors and the very basic idea for all parties is to increase resource utilization and thereby reduce the cost of accessible mobility and reduce theconsumption of the earth's resources.


Has extensive experience of working with business and service development, specifically around various mobility services and MaaS. Experienced within both private and public sector. Has among other things worked as Head of Strategy at Samtrafiken, Program Manager for Swedish Mobility Program, Marketing and Sales Director at Swebus, Advisor to the Government and Drive Sweden's program Next Generation Travel and Transport, Member of the UITP Combined Mobility Commission. Product Manager GE Fleet Services. Currently working as responsible for Mobility Services at NEVS.

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